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This weekend  -
The Mopar Hemi Challenge running during the 60th NHRA US Nationals
with Special Celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the Hemi
is underway!
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Gary Wolkwitz
Current National Record Holder
8.285 at 160.50 mph!
Set at ATCO in New Jersey


Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi ShootOut Schedule 2014

March 21-23: Winner Charlie Westcott Jr.
(Inaugural Tim Hebert Hemi ChootOut)
April 11-12: Winner Wayne Ramos
June 22: Winner Gary Wolkwitz
August 28-29: US Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway

Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi ShootOut Schedule 2013

Jeg's Cajun SportNationals Top Qualifier: Jim Daniels
Mega Mopar Action at Maple Grove: Winner: Jim Daniels
US Nationals Mopar Hemi Challenge:
Winner: Rick Houser
The Dutch Classic at Maple Grove:  Cancelled

Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi ShootOut Schedule 2012

Jeg's Cajun SportNationals Winner: Charlie Westcott
Mopar's at the Strip Winner: David Barton
Mega Mopar Action at The Grove Winner: Charlie Westcott Jr.
58th Mac Tools US Nationals Winner: Charlie Westcott Jr.
Pennsylvania Dutch Classic Winner:  Joe Teuton III 






Mega Mopar Action 2014 Gallery