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Where to find Hemi Shoot Out Cars in Action for 2016:

Gainesville, Florida Back-to-Back Weekends:
March 11-13 is a Division 2 Points Meet.  Record Runs will Allowed
March 17-20 is the GatorNationals.  NHRA is runnign Class Elimination,
so Thursday and Friday will have the most activity.
March 18-20, Muscle Cars at the Strip in Vegas
The West Coast Hemis are scheduled to attend.
May 27 - 29, Jegs NHRA SportsNationals at Bowling Green, KY
Might by the Tim Hebert Memorial "Choot Out" and 22 cars are rumored to be attending.
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the Hemi Shoot Out Facebook page.
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As we transition to the Facebook page,
results for upcoming events will only be posted on the Facebook Page,
this way you can get information as fast as we can post it!
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Gary Wolkwitz

8.210 second ET

Set at Virginia Motorsport Park
Division 1 Points Meet on Friday, April 24, 2015
160.69 mph!
Set at Orlando Speed World Dragway
Division 2 Points Meet on Friday, February 13, 2015

Gary stated, "Needless to say I am more than pleased with the results and
must give thanks to Ray and David Barton. Their hard work and tireless efforts have brought
us to this level of performance with more still to come.
Specials thanks to David Barton as well as the Daniels clan. 



 If you are trackside this week, Photographer Doug Walker
has the remaining Flower Power HSO Decals available with him.
You can catch him lurking among the SS/AH cars in the paddock between rounds. 
He'll be the one with the camera.



Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi Shootout Schedule 2015

March 20-21: Jeg's Cajun SportNationals Winner: Stephen Hebert
May 30: Mega Mopar Series at Maple Grove Winner: Jim Daniels
Sept 5-6: Mopar Hemi Challenge Winner:  Lloyd Wofford


Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi Shootout Schedule 2014

March 21-23: Winner Charlie Westcott Jr.
(Inaugural Tim Hebert Hemi ChootOut)
April 11-12: Winner Wayne Ramos
June 22: Winner Gary Wolkwitz
August 28-29: US Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway Winner Charlie Westcott Jr.
October 9 - 11: Winner Gary Wolkwitz

Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi ShootOut Schedule 2013

Jeg's Cajun SportNationals Top Qualifier: Jim Daniels
Mega Mopar Action at Maple Grove: Winner: Jim Daniels
US Nationals Mopar Hemi Challenge:
Winner: Rick Houser
The Dutch Classic at Maple Grove:  Cancelled

Mopar Hemi Challenge and Hemi ShootOut Schedule 2012

Jeg's Cajun SportNationals Winner: Charlie Westcott
Mopar's at the Strip Winner: David Barton
Mega Mopar Action at The Grove Winner: Charlie Westcott Jr.
58th Mac Tools US Nationals Winner: Charlie Westcott Jr.
Pennsylvania Dutch Classic Winner:  Joe Teuton III 





Mega Mopar Weekend 2015 Gallery