Results from the Opening Weekend
Written by LeeAnne   
Monday, 30 March 2009 09:31

Mopars at the Strip - Las Vegas

First and foremost, our apologizes for the delay in getting the ladder up.  But the complete ladder for the 16-car field from the Mopars at the Strip event in Las Vegas is now posted.  As expected, it was Westcott power that had the field cover by a tenth, including the just rolled off the block car of Steve Hebert that was built by Mr. Holt.  Westcott Jr. and Sr. qualified 1, 2 followed by Hebert and Rains, 3 and 4 respectively.  As you scan the ladder though you'll notive that Mr Rayburn got the best of Westcott Sr.  Maybe the stick is a handful but it looks like Rayburn just beat him in the lights for the win.  Congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr. on another great win.  His dedication to the dyno continues to payoff!

Belle Rose - No Problem Raceway

Only four cars made it out to the No Problem Raceway.  With a lack of Mopar support there technically wasn't a Hemi Challenge.  However, NHRA runs class competition at all the SportsNationals and three of the Teuton cars, along with Kobylski took advantage of the track time.  Joe Teuton Jr. was the victor with a pass at 8.751 and 151.94 mph.  Congratulations to "Little Joe" - as he's known locally.

Still no news from Mopar

We are still awaiting on an official statement from Mopar - but the rumor mill points to their support of three individual Hemi Challenge events, including the US Nationals - but no seasonal points.  We have been promised the official release as soon as it's available - so stay tuned.  







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