Jim Daniels wins Dutch Classic Hemi Challenge
Written by LeeAnne   
Friday, 24 October 2008 17:05

Congratulations to Jim Daniels and the entire Barton Camp for winning the Mopar Hemi Challenge at the Dutch Classic in one of the closest races ever, narrowly beating Jim Pancake in the finals...and on a weekend when we saw Charlie Westcott Jr. post two of the quickest times ever - a 8.383 in qualifying and a 8.386 in Round 2.  It just goes to show you - it isn't over until it's over.  In the semi-final round Daniels took the win when Charlie Westcott Sr. set the red light a glow.  Jim Pancake took on Charlie Westcott Jr, beating him in the lights.  Westcott had a little tire spin just a short ways out and even though he re-connected, the only thing he saw of Pancake was the taillights.  When it came time for the final round, the Maple Groove live chat room ask the question, who would win.  80% of those listening to the broadcast responded in favor of Pancake, after all he has won here before.  While both drivers jumped the lights, Daniels got the win with an -.005 RT, 8.474 at 154.07 mph against Pancake's -.012 RT, 8.477 at 154.03 mph. Our webmaster said it best - that's crazy close!! What a way to get your first Hemi Challenge win!

Charlie Westcott Jr. still picks up a check for the championship and should be commended for setting a new standard of excellence in Hemi Super Stock Racing.  This is his passion and it shows.

The 2009 season begins anew next March (to the best of our knowledge)...and the great thing about racing is that you never know when somebody will find that one new thing, that next little trick that might just put the Westcott's on notice!  We'll keep you updated throughout the winter.....

Congratulations again to Jim Daniels!!!





Mopar Challenge to Run Friday at Dutch Classic
Written by LeeAnne   
Thursday, 23 October 2008 19:12

Good Evening. We have just learned that the Mopar Hemi Challenge will most likely run tomorrow, Friday at the Dutch Classic, due to the threat of rain on Saturday. The official final decision will be made in the morning by the NHRA officials, but the competitors are gearing up that direction. With the cool temps moving in - quick is an understatement, we have Charlie Westcott Jr. with a qualifying run of 8.383. See Rounds 2 and 3 posted this evening.

Throughout the day tomorrow, we will post round-by-round coverage of the event.

Welcome to the New Hemi Shoot
Written by Eric   
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 19:00

Welcome to the new and improved - Hemi Shoot We have changed up our galleries and added more pictures even to the US Nationals and National Trails events. We have two "albums" of the newest editions to the Hemi paddock - the Silver Bullet Cuda built by MR2 and Steve Kent's new ride as well as head shots of as many drivers as possible, many with bio information. A single click on the thumbnail will open things up for you.

We have also added a few fun things like a tree where you can try your own hand at a reaction time and forum where you can meet other Hemi guys...and gals to chat.

We are off to the season finally Dutch Classic in Pennsylvania this weekend. It will be cold...but that could be a good thing. Engines like it when it is cool. If you can not join us trackside, we will have round-by-round coverage straight from the tower...and yea, check out our new result ladders!!

If there's any way we can make your experience better, please, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jeg's Sportsnational Elimination Rounds
Written by LeeAnne   
Friday, 19 September 2008 19:00

There are 14 cars here in Columbus for today’s Mopar Hemi Challenge. Top qualifier was Charlie Westcott Sr. with a 8.765 for 156.94 mph. While Charlie Westcott Jr. has a commanding lead on the championship, it isn’t over until it’s over. In Round 1, Westcott’s WarFish lit up the red light but got the win anyway when Bob Wolkwitz was DQ’d for staging deep. A few passes later Joe Teuton was perfect with triple 0’s, but still couldn’t hold off Pancake. Don Bales broke an engine after the last qualifying pass, so Rains got a free pass to Round 2. More to come….

Heading into Round 2 - there’s been much discussion about the Westcott / Wolkwitz race in Round 1. When Wolkwitz deep staged, then Westcott had the option to leave the line at will…So, Westcott actually red-lighted after Wolkwitz deep staged. Hope that helps clarify the numbers you see posted in the results. We head into the Semi-Finals with only Pancake and Daniels standing in the way of a Westcott/Westcott Final. More to come…

The semi-finals were about Barton vs. Westcott engines! The Westcott's won and will move onto a father - son final. More to come…

Westcott Sr. in the right lane, Jr. in the left. Dad had the advantage off the line, Charlie gained on him but by the end Dad got the win by 2 feet! The PA Announcer offered his congratulations to Charlie Sr. for whipping on his boy.

My thanks to the great folks at National Trails for all their assistance and hospitality.

Jeg's Northern Sportsnationals Schedule
Written by LeeAnne   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 19:00

The schedule for the upcoming JEG’s Northern Sportsnationals is as follows:

9/18 Thursday there is a test and tune for the competitors.

9/19 Friday - Qualifying kicks off at 10am with a run order of Stock, SS, SG, and SC. Looks like two passes for the day.

9/20 Saturday - Elimination Rounds will begin at 1pm for the Mopar Hemi Challenge

The current entry list does not show all the competitors we are anticipating, amongst rumors that National Trails doesn’t have any power - which it does. With the weather cleared out, it should be a beautiful and very fast day at the race track.

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