Complete Purse list for Dutch Classic
Written by LeeAnne   
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 12:41

The List of sponsors for the Dutch Classic is a long one.  Here's the complete run down!


$5000 from Mopar

$1,250 from Penske Truck Leasing

$6,250 total


$2,000 from Maple Grove Raceway

$750 from Penske Truck Leasing

$2,750 total


$500 from Penske Truck Leasing


$200 from Maple Grove Raceway

HEMI at The Dutch contingency awards


Product posted: $300 to win, $100 to runner-up for balancer.

Requirement: Product and decal on both sides of car.


Product posted: $300 to win, $100 to runner-up for converter.

Requirement: Product and decal on both sides of car.

Bucky’s Ltd. Auto Body

Product posted: $500 to winnner

Requirement: Double prize if car was painted by Bucky’s.

Cam FX

Product posted: $500 gift certificate toward product for winner.

Requirement: Decals on both sides of car.

Diamond Pistons

Product posted: $500 gift certificate toward product for winner.

Requirement: Decals on both sides of car.


Product posted: $1,000 to winner; $500 for runenr-up; $250 for semifinalists.

Requirement: Use of Jesel rocker arms and decal.

Jim Daniels

Product posted: $500 to set SS/AH record

Manley Performance

Product posted: Set of Nextek valve springs to winner ($1,000 value).

Requirement: Decal of both sides of car.

Mickey Thompson

Product posted: Radial slicks to winner ($650 value), front tires to runner up ($320 value).

Requirement: Decals on both sides of car.

Moroso Performance

Product posted: Moroso custom HEMI wire set to winner and runner-up ($200 value per set).

Requirement: Moroso contingency size decal on both sides of car.

Penske Truck Leasing

Product posted: $2,000 to set new SS/AH record.


Product posted: Eliminator practice tree to winner and runner-up ($230 value each), pocket practice tree to quarterfinalists ($100 value each).

Royal Purple

Product posted: Certificate for 5 gallons of oil to winner ($236 value).

Requirement: Decals on both sides of car.

VP Racing Fuels

Product posted: 54 Gallons of C-25 supplied to shootout contestants ($1,054.62 value).

Requirement: Decal on both sides of car.

Hemi Shoot Out Coverage from Martin
Written by LeeAnne   
Friday, 17 July 2009 13:46

The Hemi Super Stock boys have taken to the track today in preparation for tomorrow's Hemi Shoot Out in Martin.  With the cool temperatures, the racing should be well, hot!  We'll have round by round coverage of the event, right here on



Results from the Opening Weekend
Written by LeeAnne   
Monday, 30 March 2009 09:31

Mopars at the Strip - Las Vegas

First and foremost, our apologizes for the delay in getting the ladder up.  But the complete ladder for the 16-car field from the Mopars at the Strip event in Las Vegas is now posted.  As expected, it was Westcott power that had the field cover by a tenth, including the just rolled off the block car of Steve Hebert that was built by Mr. Holt.  Westcott Jr. and Sr. qualified 1, 2 followed by Hebert and Rains, 3 and 4 respectively.  As you scan the ladder though you'll notive that Mr Rayburn got the best of Westcott Sr.  Maybe the stick is a handful but it looks like Rayburn just beat him in the lights for the win.  Congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr. on another great win.  His dedication to the dyno continues to payoff!

Belle Rose - No Problem Raceway

Only four cars made it out to the No Problem Raceway.  With a lack of Mopar support there technically wasn't a Hemi Challenge.  However, NHRA runs class competition at all the SportsNationals and three of the Teuton cars, along with Kobylski took advantage of the track time.  Joe Teuton Jr. was the victor with a pass at 8.751 and 151.94 mph.  Congratulations to "Little Joe" - as he's known locally.

Still no news from Mopar

We are still awaiting on an official statement from Mopar - but the rumor mill points to their support of three individual Hemi Challenge events, including the US Nationals - but no seasonal points.  We have been promised the official release as soon as it's available - so stay tuned.  





Hemi Shootout at Mopars at the Strip
Written by LeeAnne   
Monday, 16 February 2009 14:03
    SS/AH Hemi Super Stock Shootout
    Sponsored by Flowmaster
    NHRA SS/AH Rules and Tech apply.
    All cars must pass NHRA tech.

    2009 SS/AH Rules
    Qualifying will be on Friday, March 20, 2009, for qualifying ladder and the MCG/Painter Dodge Cup. MCG/Painter Dodge Quickest Super Stock Shoot-Out is for all '68 Hemi Dart and '68 Cudas. To have your name on the MCG Cup, you must out run everyone else and post an e.t. quicker than last year's winner (John Rains 8.792) If you can accomplish this while staying within NHRA SS/AH rules, your name goes on the MCG/Painter Dodge Cup. The Cup will be on display at the Cannery Hotel and Casino until next year's event. Run cards will have designated lanes on them for each qualifying run (R,L,R or L,R,L) to keep one lane from being better than the other. Elimination and final rounds will be on Saturday, March 21, 2009. *Competition will be set on a sportsman ladder based on Friday's qualifying passes, racing heads up, no breakouts on a .500 tenths full tree. Consultation bracket for those who have lost a round you are invited to participate in a continual grudge match race until an eventual winner is declared in the winner's bracket (Chicago style). Entry fee: TBA e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your race confirmation and the number of crew credentials you will need prior to March 6, 2009. Purse: TBA Mickey Thompson Tires agrees to pay contingency in the form of a gift card to the following classes at a level of $300.00 to win and $200.00 to runner-up. Low e.t.: Cannery Cup (16 car minimum) Contact Information: Joe Jackson, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 419/994-4993; Phil Painter, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 702/256-8254.


Points and Pics
Written by LeeAnne   
Thursday, 30 October 2008 09:24

The official season ending points as issued by NHRA have been posted.  Congratulations to Charlie Westcott, Jr. for a stellar season of pushing the Hemi Challenge competition to a new level of performance.  As Joe Teuton posted in his team rules, "If you want to be the man, you have to beat the man."  But in a year with more competition and a few new ones being built in the off-season, there is plenty of talent in the pool to make the competition interesting next year as the competitors continue to push the limits of the Barracuda and Dart Super Stockers.

We have posted a new gallery for the Dutch Classic with pictures from Friday.  Enjoy!

Lastly, please note the word "tentative" on the 2009 schedule.  Nothing official has been posted as of yet.  Mopar and NHRA have promised to keep us posted and as soon as a schedule is out - and hopefully expanded...we'll have it up.  If you sign up for our "newsletter", we will send you a notice of the posting as soon as we have it.

If you have any questions for the competitors, send them over and we'll work at getting them answer for you this winter. 


2008 NHRA Mopar Hemi Challenge Series Points Standings (Final 2008 Results)

 Columbus-07Fontana-07Reading-07Vegas-08Belle Rose-08Indy-08Columbus-08Reading-08Totals
Charlie Westcott Jr.42 958585956453519
Charlie Westcott Sr.85 414231528553389
Jim Pancake42 416453635364380
John Rains3164 5364634242359
James Daniels  30  525385220
Bucky Hess31 30  744242219
Larry Woo64 63 3130  188
Joe Teuton Jr.31 52 313031 175
Allen Sherman31 41 423031 175
Michael Ogburn 854131    157
Matt Hensley42 74 31   147
Willam Brooks  30 4230 31133
Rick Houser 43 42 41  126
Tony DePillo31 30  3031 122
Jerry Jenkins 325231    115
Chuck Comella     413142114
Darrell Marvel   30  52 31113
David Barton  30  41 42113
Dave Raybourn 32 31 41  104
Don Bales     413131103
Bob Wolkwitz  30  4131 102
Jeff Kobylski     30313192
Gary Wolkwitz  30  30 3191
Fred Henson53  31    84
Mark Vieira   42 41  83
Kevin Helms     3042 72
Brooks Lee  30    3161
Wendell Howes     30 3161
Al Smyth     30 3161
Tim Hebert    42   42
Mike Trumble    31   31
Gary Moore   31    31
Mark Howes     30  30
Randy Warford     30  30
Jim Keyes     30  30
Steve Kent     30  30


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